Black Eyed Susan - Copyright Sharon L Richardson, all rights reserved
Black Eyed Susan© Sharon L Richardson, all rights reserved

We are two grandmothers, devoted to building a peaceful world starting with our every day lives. After participating in two Occupy San Francisco events, the first a meditation in Union Square one rainy October evening, the second, Sit for Change*, we knew we wanted more

Inspired by Sharon Mehdi’s book, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, and convinced that a silent, public gathering is a powerful tool for change, we committed to standing for peace one hour a week in front of San Francisco City Hall.

To share our story and encourage others, we created a site on Meetup: Grandmothers Stand for Peace. Our group is tiny so far, but we are encouraged that other grandparents are standing for peace, each in her (and in one case, his) way. We invite you to join us there and share your stories.

Meetup is a wonderful site, and we are grateful for it. Without Meetup, we would not have known about that first Occupy SF public meditation in Union Square or about Sit for Change. Over time, we’ve realized a need for a site that permits more interaction and a way for all of us to tell our stories and connect. We decided to build a web site dedicated to grandmothers standing for peace.

Today, this brand new site is a blog, but as time and resources permit, we plan to build it into a resource and online gathering site for grandmothers who stand for peace all over the world.

While we work on that, take advantage to interact with us here on the blog through the comments section. We are gradually uploading Kathryn’s journal entries of each of our stands. So far we have more than 20 uploaded and backdated to the date of each stand, complete with photographs. The rest of the entries should be online within the next couple of weeks.

Soon, we hope to provide means for each of you who stand for peace anywhere in the world to tell your stories and share your images here on the site. In the meantime, we encourage you to add your thoughts, ideas, and notifications of any stands for peace you plan in the comments section on this page and on blog posts. Help us build it into a useful resource for us all.

May you be blessed wherever and however you stand for peace today.


*Learn about our Sit for Change experience and how it prompted us to stand for peace here: Two grandmothers stand for peace.
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